Do you think solar power is the future?

Do you think solar power is the future

Solar power is a renewable energy source that converts sunlight into electricity using photovoltaic (PV) cells. PV cells are made of semiconductor materials that absorb sunlight and release electrons, creating an electric current. Solar panels are made up of many PV cells, and they can be installed on rooftops, in fields, or on other surfaces.

Solar power has a number of advantages over traditional fossil fuel-based energy sources. It is clean, meaning that it does not produce any air pollution or greenhouse gases. Solar power is also efficient, with PV cells converting sunlight into electricity at an efficiency of up to 25%. And solar power is becoming increasingly affordable, with the cost of solar panels falling by more than 80% in the past decade.

Solar power is already playing a significant role in the global energy mix. In 2022, solar power accounted for nearly 10% of global electricity generation. And the International Energy Agency (IEA) projects that solar power will account for more than 20% of global electricity generation by 2030. Vote your opinion blow

Do you think solar power is the future?

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